I am Kojima, From Tokyo Grand Next.

Tokyo grand next is a real estate agent. However, we are different from other agents that we don't get the agent commission from buyer in most cases.

Let me introduce to you the difference
between the other nts and us.

We extended our business to network advertisement. Taking full advantage
from the universality of the network, our knowledge about advertising is
enriched, and this does help us to reduce the advertisement fee successfully.

In most cases, we can contact the seller directly. As a result, we can get the
commission fee from the seller directly, and that's why the commission
fee from buyers can be reduced to half or free of charge.

Also, we can help you to buy any property even the ones that you find from
the advertisement of other agent. Investment property
and residential property are also included in our service.

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Please feel free to contact us


Office hour:9:30-18:30

You can contact us by e-mail also if you need any help. We're here to help you in whatever we can and get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.



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